Be a Part of the Solution

Goals –To improve the overall quality of life in Maui County by:

  • Providing Community Based Education to grow Community Based Solutions on the vast differences and needs of those who are homeless, unsheltered, and houseless.
  • Partnering equally with all areas in Maui County to expedite creative solutions.
  • Exploring and integrate unique community needs with existing.
  • Valuing the development of community stakeholders and seeking to establish partnerships unique to community association which will facilitate expeditious solutions.

Recognizing Needs

Food, a safe place to sleep, showers and laundry are essential to beginning the process.

Key Elements

No-Nonsense, one-stop-shop approach to navigating the existing resources.

Target Audience

This is not a one-size-fits-all issue.  Those underemployed, living in their cars, on the beach, individuals with children have a multitude of needs with different priorities.


Securing quick results builds immediate trust and builds motivation.