Share Your Mana


Hawaiian: Mana

To place in authority, empower, authorize.


To transform the lives of the homeless through innovative solutions inspired by the community.


By improving the quality of life for those most vulnerable, we raise everyone’s quality of life.

Share Your Mana was created after years of participating and witnessing fractured systems which are unable to meet the needs of those living unhoused / unsheltered in real time.  As  the needs of poverty have increased, the systems haven’t evolved fast enough to meet needs. We need to approach success through the eyes of the individuals experiencing these situations and conditions.

Share Your Mana is addressing system failures through the lived experience through the residents we serve. Their struggles and inability to climb out of homelessness are exacerbated due to systems that lack sufficient mental health and addiction crisis services. These crisis maintain the status quo.

Share Your Mana meets peoples needs at the moment they experience it. It isn’t shelved; it isn’t put off till next week or next month it is met in the in the moment that it is existing.

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NEW! Meet our Advisory Committee officially formed February 2022

Formed with all currently or previously unhoused/unsheltered Maui County residents, the Advisory Committee are experts in surviving in the most inhumane conditions. Their first-hand, lived experiences of trying to navigate agency protocols under dire conditions are the needed voices to change this broken system.

The complexities of living unsheltered on Maui, Hawaii

Share Your Mana understands the complexities of living unsheltered AND the actions necessary to move individuals into self-sufficiency.

Now, more than ever, it takes more than a few non-profits and government agencies to address this complex community issue. It takes community partnerships and the ability to bridge all resources.
Share Your Mana recognizes time, organization, and transparency are necessary key elements to strengthen communities with unique needs.

Equation for healthy changes requires collaboration:

Experience + vision + compassion + drive = strong community quality of life.


Share Your Mana grew out of years of witnessing the deterioration of the quality of life of many individuals who are struggling to make a life for themselves and their family on Maui.


Share Your Mana has a unique understanding of the complexities within our local community & understands the utilization of resources are key to steering the issues into solutions.


Share Your Mana is dedicated to overcoming the issues associated with homelessness; requires patience, a deep examination of needs, and fortitude to create compassionate, attainable responses.


Share Your Mana is willing to step up, listen to the specific needs of each group that is struggling, and drive creative solutions, we have a unique understanding of the complexities within our local community & understands the utilization of resources are key to steering the issues into solutions.

Being a part of the solution is a powerful statement.

We are intentionally designed to create transparency through inclusive dialog and initiate community action steps to foster healthy community growth for those who are unsheltered.

Contact Share Your Mana for a consultation and inquire how to best serve your community.

The Cup of Hope

Maui County continues its practice of "Clean Up's" using the Notice to Vacate practice which dismantles structures and tents on County land. About six years ago I spoke up in one of the first planning meetings which garnered over 20 different agencies and county...

Our First Community Educational Forum at AlohaAku

A BIG mahalo to AlohaAku who hosted Share Your Mana on Sunday afternoon April 23rd, 2017, at AlohaAku in Kihei, Maui. Completely funded by the neighborhood, we partnered to create our first community educational forum which provided a broad overview on the...

100 Women Who Care Maui took a chance on Share Your Mana!

Share Your Mana was the recipient of the "100 Women Who Care" quarterly award this past March.  Although in the process of incorporating to became a nonprofit, this community recognized the urgency of this start up project and said IMUA!.  Share your Mana will be back...