Unsheltered, Houseless or Homeless in Maui County



Understanding the categories of those unsheltered is a key element in creating strategies.

Different approaches are required this for those chronically, cyclically, or situationally unsheltered.

Adults, youth, singles, families all need personalized attention.

Employment is often key to climbing out of poverty related homelessness.

Untreated addiction and mental health needs grow,

as any physical health needs and require unique, trained approaches.

The Challenge

Hawaii, with its benign climate and international reputation of paradise, has an image of unending tranquility, tropical bounty and easy living.  The reality of it’s nationally ranked highest cost of living, low wages, and severe affordable housing solutions are in deep contrast to it’s serene image.

Maui County is experiencing explosive numbers of those living unsheltered as local residents and recent transplants which is proving to be a significant strain to many local communities.

Identifying accurate numbers of those in need, along with what they need to become active community members requires immediate solutions to preserve the quality of life for all in the County of Maui.

The Solution

Individuals need immediate access to understanding what agencies are available to assist their needs and the ability to connect with them directly.

Until more affordable rental units are available, creative, safe sleeping solutions which provide access to electricity, the ability to shower, eat, do laundry, access transportation, and store belongings and necessary to gain forward momentum in attaining a higher quality of life.

Individuals are experiencing significant trauma and need to know they are cared about and valued.  Period.

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Unsheltered in Maui 2016

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Unprecedented needs require an unprecedented approach