A BIG mahalo to AlohaAku who hosted Share Your Mana on Sunday afternoon April 23rd, 2017, at AlohaAku in Kihei, Maui.

Completely funded by the neighborhood, we partnered to create our first community educational forum which provided a broad overview on the complexities of living unsheltered in Maui County.  Over 25 neighbors from the Kihei Delta area attended and shared their mana by creating open dialog and asking many questions.  “I really appreciate having something like this organized locally,” stated Donna, Kihei resident.  “We need this education to reach everyone in our community.”

To host a casual, informal gathering in your area or just to learn more about the complexities of living unsheltered email Lisa@shareyourmana.org  to find out how you can be a community leader.

SYM can provide an overview of the different categories of living unsheltered, the needs and community program limitations, and facilitate dialog regardless of your knowledge level.  SYM encourages everyone to learn about the complexities and barriers in reaching those who are marginalized.

Contact SYM to set up a dialog in your neighborhood.